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Orientation programming is scheduled for August 7-11, 2019

Move-In Day for RC residents is August 7, 2019


A detailed schedule will be available in late July 2019. Attendance is mandatory at all scheduled activities unless otherwise noted.  Attire is ‘clinic appropriate’ for all sessions on Thursday and Friday. 



Several students have asked about whether family and friends may attend Orientation.  They are not invited.  As a new student you will want to get to know the ins and outs of your new program.  Orientation also serves as an opportunity to meet your colleagues.  When classes and labs begin, you hit the ground running.  Please do not miss out on the experiences from Orientation.  Being in the role of host to family and friends will make your Orientation experience unnecessarily stressful.  Please consider having family and friends visit you some time outside of Orientation. 


Clinic attire consists of business style clothing – nice pants/slacks/skirts, nice blouse/shirt, dresses are ok, comfortable closed toe shoes.  This point is important - for the ID photos being taken on Thursday, gentlemen usually wear shirt and tie.  You can change out to more comfortable, dressy shirt after the photo if you’d like. Ladies, for your ID photo, please also consider a clinic appropriate blouse or top.


Dietary note – for the meals during Orientation, if you are a vegetarian or have other special needs, please send an email to Beth Karmis at BKarmis@ico.edu.  We will try to meet your needs or will let you know if we cannot do so.